H2O SonicShield Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling

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How it Works

Ultrasonic anti-fouling works by means of bringing an object in vibration in the ultrasonic sound range between 20-40 kHz, this creates an inhospitable environment for especially calcium-like growth such as mussels and barnacles to settle. The system consists of a control unit that works on 12v or 24v to which 2 transducers are connected. These are the so-called speakers that bring the sound vibration into the hull. The system consumes very little power, each speaker consumes about as much as an LED light. The installation is very simple and can be done by yourself or by your shipyard, the instructions can be found here: Manual

Van den Hoven Jachtbouw

As an extra addition to our current anti-fouling system, we have additionally opted for the sustainable system SonicShield from H2O Marine. We have applied this system to two of our vessels, one of which has sailed in salt water. After about a year, we took the ships out of the water for an inspection and we are very satisfied with the result.”

Watertaxi Rotterdam

For the 100% electric water new build taxi’s, Watertaxi Rotterdam was looking for a sustainable anti-fouling solution that was compatible with aluminum. The choice was made for H2O CleanShield; the combination of a biocide-free coating system in combination with SonicShield.

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