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A single application for years of boating

These two world leaders MACTAC and PPG joined forces to create this innovative and non-polluting alternative to conventional anti-fouling treatment. High performance MacGlide adhesive film is good for your boat, cost effective and good for marine fauna and flora.


Biocide free adhesive film

MacGlide film has a 5 year warranty. The film is self cleaning from speeds of 7-8 knots, provides fuel savings of 5-6% and can increase sailing speed by 4-5% according to hull design. MacGlide requires unmatched ease of maintenance therefore reducing costs.

Marine organism protection

MacGlide film does not erode in water and contains no biocide. Movement of micro-organisms from one area to another is made less likely by the excellent anti-fouling performance of MacGlide film. MacGlide is impermeable to water, reducing osmosis and ensuring lower hull moisture content than conventional anti-fouling paint solutions

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