About Silikon Top™

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Ultra-high performance in two areas

FlowSilikon™ maintains the water glide performances of the boat. The surface properties potentially reduce fuel consumption by up to 5%. The best speed/fouling compromise. Consistent and regular layer of silicon providing a smooth surface without bumps (good flow of water).

Ecological and long lasting

The combination of adhesive film and silicon layer provide the best biocide-free antifouling solution currently on the market. The antifouling function lasts for the entire maintenance period for the upper layer. The boat begins to clean itself (at a speed of 8 knots). Easy to clean by hand when the boat is not moving (little effort and little resistance). Provides the best biocide-free antifouling scenario.


Available in a black white and red film making it possible to preserve the colour of the hull. Simple to clean using a soft brush, sponge, window squeegee or soft glove. The advantage of the adhesive film is that it is easy to replace any part of it that is damaged (in the form of a patch available separately).

About MacGlide™

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A single application for years of boating

These two world leaders MACTAC and PPG joined forces to create this innovative and non-polluting alternative to conventional anti-fouling treatment. High performance MacGlide adhesive film is good for your boat, cost effective and good for marine fauna and flora.


Biocide free adhesive film

MacGlide film has a 5 year warranty. The film is self cleaning from speeds of 7-8 knots, provides fuel savings of 5-6% and can increase sailing speed by 4-5% according to hull design. MacGlide requires unmatched ease of maintenance therefore reducing costs.

Marine organism protection

MacGlide film does not erode in water and contains no biocide. Movement of micro-organisms from one area to another is made less likely by the excellent anti-fouling performance of MacGlide film. MacGlide is impermeable to water, reducing osmosis and ensuring lower hull moisture content than conventional anti-fouling paint solutions

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About Flow Grip™

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High Performance

Excellent anti-slip properties in accordance with standards 01 DIN 51130 and 01 DIN 51017. Highly resistant to abrasion, protects the deck from wear. Protects against UV and limits yellowing of the gel coat. Deadens sound levels.


A single application for years of sailing.

Practical and easy to place

Can be applied to all surfaces (wood, plastics, steel, plexiglass, glass, etc.). Can be applied inside and out.

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