Flow Silikon

FlowSilikon™ maintains the water glide performances of the boat. The surface properties potentially reduce fuel consumption by up to 5%. The best speed/fouling compromise. Consistent and regular layer of silicon providing a smooth surface without bumps (good flow of water).

Boat Vinyl Wraps

MPSNZ has the knowledge and experience for you and your boat. Vinyl wrapping is fast becoming a great cost competitive alternative to paint with some of the vinyl’s outdoor durability lasting up to 10 years!


A single application for years of sailing

The most cost-effective product for dealing with antifouling (acknowledged) to be effective for several years making it possible to reduce boat maintenance costs significantly. 

Flow Grip

High Performance

Excellent anti-slip properties in accordance with standards 01 DIN 51130 and 01 DIN 51017. Highly resistant to abrasion, protects the deck from wear. Protects against UV and limits yellowing of the gel coat.

Welcome to Marine Protection Solutions New Zealand

Today adhesive films are part of our everyday lives and these are now making an entrance into the most difficult and demanding environment. The world of water. Our company specialises in the application of high-performance adhesive anti-fouling films, boat vinyl wraps, paint protection film (PPF), marine window tinting. These eco-friendly products are a new alternative to help protect your boat and our marine environment. With over 14 years experience in the adhesive vinyl industry, you can rely on us for quality products and workmanship with friendly service wherever you are located.

PDF Download: DIY BOATING With Norman Holtshausen

Featuring the pro's and cons of vinyl/silicon vs paint.
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