About Crystal Prop

The Future Of Prop Antifouling

How It Works

Crystal Prop is a specially formulated two-component high gloss acrylic paint. It has high solid contents and can be applied on propellers, rudders, shafts, brackets & other metallic underwater gear.
Crystal Prop is self cleaning, biocide free, non exfoliating & long lasting. Upon application, the paint hardens to a strong protective coat of approximately 60 microns in a single layer. This hard and slippery surface allows it to function like an antifouling paint. It has exceptional gloss, high UV resistance, good resistance to atmospheric agents & very good anti-scratch & chemical resistance with direct adhesion to metals and light alloys.
The paint creates anantifouling effect and anti-galvanic current effect with it’s direct adhesion to alloys & steel. It is free of copper oxide, other organostannic compounds and is compatible with all types of metals.

Key Advantages

Crystal Prop creates an extremely smooth propeller surface resulting in decreased water resistance. This improves the overall performance of the vessel, resulting in higher hull speed, lower fuel consumption & resistance to the onset of cavitation.
Fouling not only has difficulty getting onto the paint, but also detaches itself thanks to the friction produced by the water flow. A Crystal Prop treated propeller cleans itself as soon as it starts rotating, unlike traditional antifouling paints which lose their effectiveness with more usage (due to the progressive decrease in biocidal power & loss of silicon / paint itself).
Crystal Prop comes in both clear and black color options. One of the key distinctive charactertsics of Crystal Prop from other similar products is it’s greater gripping power on metals. Crystal prop does not require any coat of primer. It creates an excellent anti-galvanic corrosion effect, by forming a strong protective film over the metal blocking it against galvanic currents. Thiswill extend the life of sacrificial anodes. Crystal Prop is an ecologically friendly product; free of harmful toxins, biocides and metals.

How To Apply

The Crystal Prop kit is composed of two bottles, containing Crystal Part A & Hardener Part B, which must be mixed in a 1: 1 ratio. For proper mixing, it is necessary to shake the bottle containing the paint & hardener very well, both before & after mixing.

The propellers & under water gears need to be cleaned well, without leaving any traces of marine growth, contaminants, old antifouling or grease. The metallic surface then should be sanded with 80 grit sand paper. Crystal Prop is then to be applied in a single coat with a brush or 1.2 mm nozzle spray. It is touch dry in 2 hours, complete dry in 12 hours and ready for launching in the water after 48 hours.

The paint is thick, smooth and the application is very easy. Thanks to the good consistency of the paint; no annoying flows are created. No primer is needed and apply one coat only. The surface of the Crystal Prop can be cleaned as often as necessary without damaging the coating.

For re-application it is sufficient to sand the surfaces with 240 grit sandpaper & apply again.

– Protective gloves and eyewear should be worn during application.
– Apply one coat only and after the paint has dried, do not re-coat the same surface.

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