Adhesive antifouling films specialists, Marine Protection Solutions, are your leading suppliers and applicators of FLOW silikon™.

These days many boat owners are looking for smarter and environmentally safer ways to protect their boat from fouling.

And Jay Howell was one such smart boat owner.

Looking to protect his boat from the harsh ocean conditions he first started his search online though “There was not a lot of info available yet,” he says.

He then met Mitchell Clough, Director at Marine Protection Solutions New Zealand, in a Boatyard where he was introduced to the amazing FLOW silikon™ product.

“I have used the FLOW silikon™ product on my rudder for the past year and it has performed great. No fouling or barnacles took hold and the material had no detectable degradation of performance after a year in the water,” says Jay

FLOW silikon™ is a sophisticated three-layer polymer self-adhesive film that has very high glide performance while also having a substantial antifouling action.

As Adhesive Antifouling specialists Marine Protection Solutions New Zealand are certified Adhesive Anti Fouling Dealers and Applicators of FLOW silikon™. “I now look forward to seeing how this product performs on the whole boat over a hopefully much longer period,” comments Jay.

Another advantage of FLOW silikon™ is that it is also simple to clean using a soft brush or sponge. The adhesive film is also easy to replace any part of it that is damaged.



FLOW silikon™ is a great product for maintaining both high performance glide capacity and a premium antifouling function without any nasty biocides. “The mixture of adhesive film and silicon layer offer the best biocide-free antifouling solution that is currently available on the market,” says Mitchell Clough, Director at Marine Protection Solutions New Zealand.

“Marine Protection Solutions have been great to work with and I would be happy to recommend Marine Protection Solutions based on my experience so far as the product is a very effective solution,” adds Jay.

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